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What is BERT?

BERT is an Artificial Intelligence technique that allows a computer system to better understand human language. Thus, this neural network helps Google's search engine to understand users' search intentions and interests.

Unlike other neural networks, BERT takes into account all the words in a query (not just keywords), and tells the algorithm the context and topic of each search intention.

How does BERT affect searches?

It should be noted that about 15% of daily searches made on Google are new, i.e. there is no information about them. BERT analyses the context provided by the words placed around a keyword.

As a result, BERT substantially improves the understanding of searches and, very importantly, the order in which they appear in the result pages. The relationship between queries and responses is a kind of natural and fluid human-machine conversation.

In addition, because one of its goals is to understand as accurately as possible the intention of a Google search considering all the words in the query, BERT has a significant effect on voice searches.

Why is it important to have a good BERT score?

Because this way you'll know if your SEO is doing well compared to the ten best results obtained for a given keyword. The higher your score, the better your web positioning.

How does BERT Calculator work?

Using a tool such as BERT Calculator is critical to know whether your content has value to Google and whether it's associated in a relevant way with certain search intentions.

With just three pieces of information, we will crawl your page and your competitors on Google's first page to analyze each site's content according to BERT's guidelines. It's extremely easy to use:

  1. Enter the URL and Keyword
  2. Select a TLD
  3. Click on "Find out my score"

With the final score you will know if your site is BERT friendly.

Why is BERT Calculator one of the best online SEO tools?

Currently there isn't any tool that shows the BERT score of a page according to a certain keyword and compared to the main competitors in Google.

How do I get my page to get a good BERT score?

In order to achieve a good BERT result, some aspects must be taken into account, such as the following:

  • Generate clear and consistent content, as Google AI knows if a content is understandable or not.
  • Don't focus on short, general or out-of-context keywords that do not solve any users' doubts.
  • Address specific topics that really help users. This way, Google will know that the page has value.
  • Try to make the contents respond quickly to the queries made by users in Google to satisfy their search intention from the beginning.
  • Contextualize the topic developed on the page, as BERT doesn't focus on keywords alone.